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Why AlQalam?

Since it began in 1994, AlQalam always aimed to be a home away from home. Its nurturing environment, caring teachers, and freedom of self-expression have always been appreciated by parents through the years. It is our belief that personality and confidence are important, therefore we strive to build them in our youth. We try to make students love education and their school, so they can continuously love knowledge after graduation.

AlQalam was established to give students the opportunity to thrive within an Academic environment that promotes creativity, self-esteem, and individuality. AlQalam continues to develop by applying new educational methods with the goal of improving the minds of youth while enabling them to be leaders in their community and the modern world.

AlQalam Prepares students for real life, not merely for testing. Our established programs train students to enter college with confidence and competence in their subjects. Our strong English program prepares students for college-level use, long with strong research skills, presentations skills, and other essential college-level competencies. Our career counseling program allows students to find their career of passion thus know their target in life. This allows them to enter college knowing their target while enforced with the skills needed to excel

AlQalam believes strongly in the partnership between school and home in the development of students. We therefore listen very carefully and communicate very well with parents, with the goal of understanding milestones and changes in the students' mood, Academics, and social aspects. The school has a strict policy in taking all comments seriously and adhere to very specific response times. We believe a fast response and reaction to parent comments allows any school to evolve and develop

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