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Registration for admission in the next academic year 1441-1442 H

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Admission Policies

Please read the information below carefully and kindly follow any stated direction before registration.

  1. Al Qalam schools enrolls students regardless of nationality. Only student who demonstrate an ability and willingness to participate in our school environment will be accepted.
  2. An application is completed when all the documents required are provided and the required financial payments are processed. After that the completed document will be approved and processed. The required documents are listed in the Application Checklist
  3. The registration's office will only accept clear completed applications
  4. Emailed, scanned copies of supporting documents will not be accepted. Only original documents submitted to the registration office will be allowed.
  5. Parents must schedule for an appointment with the registration office to submit Application and plan for exam and interview time.
  6. A first-come first-serve basis will be taken upon meeting appointments.
  7. Successful applicants will be required to complete their files by submitting further documents listed in the Registration Checklist.
  8. Students which require transportation should fill the bus registration form and fill location details

We look forward to the opportunity to be your partner in your child’s development. Children from all backgrounds are welcome to join AlQalam Schools provided there are slots available for the given academic year and they meet our pre-registration assessment. The pre-registration assessment is a simple personalized evaluation of your child’s specific learning of Math, Science , & English language. The purpose of the assessment is to maximize your child’s learning and development opportunity

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